Available Media

Flatbed Direct Printer: 
  • PVC
  • Foamboard
  • Acrylic
  • DiBond
  • and More

Laminating Material For Added Protection and Durability:
  • Pressure Sensitive Laminates
  • High Gloss UV Overlaminate   Film
  • Calendered Lustre UV   Overlaminate Film
  • Calendered Matte UV   Overlaminate Film
  • Floor Marking Overlaminate Film
  • Thermal Laminates
  • Textured Overlaminate Film
  • Glossy Overlaminate Film
  • Matte Overlaminate Film
  • Lustre Overlaminate Film
Indoor Media:
  • Glossy Inkjet Paper
  • Matte Inkjet Paper
  • Poly Matte Polypropylene
  • Banner Polyolefin
  • Banner Fabric Polyester
  • Celtic Cloth
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Dual Side Display Banner
  • Self Adhesive Vinyls for Decals,Labels,Etc.
  • Day Night Translite Backlit Film

Outdoor Media:
  • Heavy Vinyl
  • Economy Vinyl
  • Mesh Vinyl
  • Vehicle wrap vinyl
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl for Decals,   Labels, Windows, Etc.
  • White Static Cling
  • Floor Graphic Vinyl
  • Window Graphic Vinyl

If you are interested in utilizing our services please do not hesitate to contact us via email at
info@southbeachmediainc.com or call us at 714-429-1634.

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